About my work

I have a PhD in Statistics from The University of Manchester where I worked on “Smoothing splines with unknown change-points in responses for longitudinal and spatial data” supervised by Professor Jianxin Pan. Among others, the key novel ideas of this work are:

  • Approximations to multidimensional smoothing and additive models.
  • Interpolation methods (smoothing) for dependent data (longitudinal, time series, spatial).
  • Estimation of curves and surfaces when unknown change-points or contours of change are present.
  • Estimation of these models based on bayesian and maximum likelihood approaches using mixed models.
  • Tests for linearity and planarity.

I am Honorary member of the Environmetrics Team of the University of Nottingham led by Professor Murray Lark, with whom I worked in parallel computing implementations for statistical image and volume analysis from stacks of X-ray CT scan images.