About Me

I started working with numbers during my technical education as general accountant. I worked in this area for a few years but I was interested in science applied to nature, agriculture and the environment. It was working in applied problems in these fields that I learned the importance of statistics, computing and data analysis for making informed decisions in every discipline. Thus, I started a journey that let me gain experiences in different fields, such as education, child nutrition, medicine, environment, soil sciences, among others, and which has allowed me to work with varied people and learn about life in other places of the world.
I enjoy statistics, modelling, programming and science and given my own experience when learning statistics, mathematics and computing, I am also keen teaching and helping others to understand and lose the fear of them. I hope part of the contents on this webpage is useful to others. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in collaboration. I will try to answer as soon as possible.